Building a hip brochure website and anticipating a buzz in social media? We have news for you! Online media is all about networking, if you can interact well you are sure to sell well, for it’s not about what you know, it’s all about who you know.

Getting Newsweek magazine to write about you might seem like a distant dream but, the actual conduit to profitability is relatively unsung. The most effective methods for marketing just chug along and deliver results; you could be a home-maker and still be the most googled baker in the world.

This is the discoursed power of social media.

And even though the internet has been playing its part for quite some time now, the existent online fever is still an infant. This online fascination is what has driven everyone, from a petty vendor to savvy businessmen, all not under the same roof but, on the same line, online.

The rationale behind this success is the internet’s capacity to make you viral, to introduce you to the global marketplace irrespective of who you are, where you are and what you are.

Online marketing which has a mass appeal, at best can overwhelm an average professional, by promising a good yield. At worst, it can seriously mislead.

Online Marketing is the means to an end and we give you the autonomy to choose the end. You give us your idea; we’ll give you a market.

Say versatile and we’ll answer. Till date we have delivered our services to industries like health, online shopping, relationships, automobile, security equipments, real estate, home management and décor, travel, legal services, internet marketing and pet care.


Search Engine optimization is the art of placing the most unique content in the most visible places on the web. And since this art romances the idea of love, we leave no stone unturned (or no webpage unread) to make Google fall in love with your webpage.

With an intention to invalidate any gap whatsoever, between the client and the audience, we at AnalytiqIT Solutions are of the belief that ‘Today’s viewers are tomorrow’s customers’. So, besides amplifying our client’s business visibility on the net, we like to keep a close check on their potential customers too.

Reading our own manuscripts and following our own principles, we, at AnalytiqIT Solutions define SEO in three parts, namely Analysis, off-page optimization and on-page optimization.

Analysis is the premise for the plan of action that is to be served to every client individually. It involves detailed study and research so we can have an in-depth knowledge of the subject as per the standards put forth and followed by Google.

Next is the revamp stage, on-page optimization, where we like to doll up the webpage, for, what pleases the eye, pleases the heart. And so, while the page has already been introduced to worldwide web, we make further efforts to popularize it through off-page optimization.

Our on-page optimization activities:

  • Website Analysis.
  • Keyword Research and Competition Analysis.
  • Website Content Optimization.
  • Creation of optimized and relevant (keyword used) Title tags.
  • Meta tag Creation.
  • Image optimization by the help of alt tag.
  • URL optimization.
  • Implementing heading tags.
  • Solving Canonical URL issue.
  • Creation and implementation of Meta Geo Tags.
  • Creation of Robots.txt.
  • Creation of XML Sitemap.
  • Including proper call to action.
  • Including webmaster tools and implementing Google Analytics.
  • Our off-page optimization activities:
  • Article creation and submission (High PR Websites).
  • Blog submission, blog promotion and blog commenting (High PR Websites).
  • Social bookmarking (High PR Websites) with interactive activities such as.
  • Commenting, making friends, joining groups etc.
  • Directory submission (High PR Websites).
  • Local business listings.
  • Google places listings.
  • Classified Posting.
  • Forum Posting (Relevant Websites).
  • Press Releases (High PR Websites).
  • Yahoo Answers.
  • Guest posting.
  • Theme based link building.


It is imperative for all businesses to establish and uphold their online presence and this is where Social Media Marketing plays its role. Every SMM has its own relevance and its own game plan, while some businesses seek popularity through it, some others intent brand awareness.

Another explanation for the same could be, reaching out to the market and the audience. Its popularity can be attributed to its unbiased conduct which is the same for pro’s and naives.

Liking a fan page on Facebook, or retweeting a link to your favorite band’s homepage, all of it can be abridged to SEM.

Facebook, Twitter, Google +, Linkedin, Pinterest, Youtube, Slideshare (and many more) we do it all.